Cost control and the need to concentrate on core business needs are one of the common reasons to outsource recruitment.

Outsourcing part or all of your recruitment processes can help you save your time, money and efforts, manage a high turnover rate and control seasonal business growth that sometimes makes it difficult to keep up with hiring requirements. Here are some of the main benefits of outsourcing recruitment:


Reducing Overall Costs


Cost-per-hire is very important HR metric, and outsourcing the recruitment processes reduces both cost-per-hire and time-to-hire is considerably.

This is mainly because a professional HR solutions company will use its dedicated resources for recruitment, share the risk with the client and will follow streamlined processes. Also, allocating HR responsibilities to a third party will stabilize the situation when the business grows and is on its peak, eliminating delays and duplication of tasks.

With AMHR, you can control the recruitment budget as we work with you to customize packages for your specific recruitment needs. We provide a comprehensive recruitment system and a rigorous screening process.


Allowing Companies to Concentrate on Core Business


When the recruitment is outsourced to third party recruiting experts, there is no interference to main corporate functions, and it removes any distractions from current business operations.

This is one of the main benefits that AMHR offers to companies that operate in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, by providing them with an opportunity to outsource their recruitment processes as well as the rest of the main Human Resource functions in an Iraqi-law compliant, documented and IT-enabled process.


Increasing Recruitment Effectiveness


At times, it’s challenging for companies to find qualified candidates, especially when dealing with a competitive job market, shortage in the required skills, or certain criteria like job locations. When companies outsource recruiting, they enjoy the advantages that professional recruitment companies can offer such as the ability to reach out to candidates and even engage with the passive candidates, bringing more effectiveness in recruiting processes.

At AMHR, we leverage the extensive professional network of our mother company; Al Majal, which gives us an advantage of having a diverse pool of talent across industries. We have wide and robust networks within different sectors in Iraq and the Kurdistan region including Oil and Gas, Energy, Sales, Administration, IT, Banking, Telecom, Financial Services, Management, Automotive and Construction.


A Solution to High Turnover Ratio


High turnover leads to reduced productivity, disrupted operations, and lower staff engagement. Companies can deal with high turnover and have higher qualified candidates by acquiring professional recruiting methods from external experienced recruiters.

AMHR robust processes, reliable local team and strong local presence in Iraq and the Kurdistan region gives us access to higher quality hires of candidates who are well matched to the job openings, responsibilities and the company culture, providing a fast and affordable way to break the recruiting related turnover.

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